The first steps in finding happiness: the recognition and some basic elements – part 1: levels of awakening


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The first step to the way of happiness is awakening, which you can also call the recognition or the realization. This is the moment when you realize, that you are the cause of every bad thing that’s happened in your life. Of course, at first, you’re thinking that’s too much. But please keep on reading, I swear this will be useful for you! The recent statement is only true if you’re an independent adult. This works in another way when you’re a child. But this blog is written for adults who are interested in finding their happiness. So, I state it again: You are the cause of every bad thing, happening to you! Please don’t put this down, read onwards! I realized this on my own when I was 26. More precisely, to a muted form of this statement. Back then I didn’t read any kind of spiritual literature and I didn’t even know what spirituality is. (Here I’d like to make a small bypass about this word. A lot of people think about spirituality, as a too arcane thing, when this word doesn’t mean anything more than: ,,soul development”). Before my 26th birthday, I didn’t understand why so much good was happening to others while I experienced tons of bad things. I didn’t understand how other people could get something without doing anything in particular, and how I couldn’t get that same thing, even with twice as much work. I didn’t understand why I have bad luck while others are so lucky. I thought life was unfair and I was probably born under unfortunate star. I have good news for you! This has nothing to do with zodiacs or luck! When I was 26, I just found out, that I am the cause of some bad things in my life. I thought I couldn’t be responsible for all of them, because a lot of them are just the consequences of things far from my impacts. But even getting to this point is a big step forward! This is the first level of awakening.

Then, as I reached higher levels of spirituality and had deeper self-knowledge, I got closer and closer to the obvious fact of the day: I am the cause of every bad things, every bad happening in my life. This is the second level of awakening. Among these reasons there are some indirect and direct ones. Of course it’s easier to find the direct ones, because usually even the EGO can see and accept them. For the indirect ones you’ll need deeper self-knowledge and higher levels of spirituality.

If you pay closer attention to people you will realize that the bigger part of them always find others guilty for the reasons of their problems. If they get a divorce everything is their (ex-) partner’s fault. If their living conditions are bad, then the social system has basic problems and the mean politicians or the people following them are the cause of it. If a woman’s through a lot of bad relationships, then men are always the ones that are guilty (of course this is true in reverse too). So most of the people always blame someone else for their problems. These people haven’t reached the first level yet. They are ignorant in spiritual ways. They are not driven by physic knowledge, and that’s why they’re living their lives as the prisoner of their own addictions, games and EGO (I’ll talk about these later). Of course this doesn’t mean they’re not civilized or they don’t use their brains, or they are not clever. It just means they haven’t stepped on the way of physic knowledge yet and they don’t know that, this ,,blindness” is the biggest gate to their happiness. If you are one of these people, than you probably feel like putting this writing down by this point. But please don’t do that! This is happening, because your EGO’s turned on. It’s trying to explain to you, that the recent rows have red are nonsense and you think they’re insulting. Please excuse me for this! I don’t want to insult you! I just want you to think about these things! Please think about that I wrote this with 100% altruism and a helping purpose. Before I was 26 I also lived as a 100% ignorant person. My goal is to help you start the awakening. Of course a voice inside your head tells you that ,,the way I lived until now has been perfect for me, why would I need this now?”. You need this, because with this you can be happier than ever… No one said that it won’t come with pain and no one said that it won’t bring uncomfortable minutes, days, weeks. But if you’ll keep on reading this, then obviously you’re jammed in the way of finding happiness or you’re interested in what the key of happiness is. It is clear, if you weren’t happy for long, your life was wavy, then you did something wrong isn’t it? Don’t you feel the connection between your experiences and my rows? I swear as we’ll dive ourselves further, and further into the blog’s topic it will clear for you! And you will have a really better feeling…

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