The first steps in finding happiness: the recognition and some basic elements – part 3: Everything is happening for reason - our life from another perspective

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The road of soul-development is full of big rocks. The person that starts to walk on this road should know, this way is not the easier one. But in exchange he/she gets closer to his/her happiness, self-acceptance and harmony by the day. In the previous part of this blog-section, I wrote about the right perspective of the rule “everything’s happening for a reason” (click here to view it). In this part, I would like to show you this rule, from another perspective.

There are three systems in our lives, that our paradigms (way of vision) are created from (so therefore our behavior too). These three systems are the following:

-          The way I see the world

-          The way I act towards the world

-          The way the world reacts to my actions

This isn’t really new, because every books and courses about success begin with this. But understanding these three systems correctly, can be interesting for anyone. The way I see the world dictates the way I act. The way I act dictates how the world reacts to my actions. And the reactions I get from the world dictate the way I see it. So, the endless cycle of this system can cause my soul-development, or soul-degradation. In my past when I was a really pessimist person, so I saw the world that way. My pessimism generated unnecessary amount of maximalism and stress. Of course, in most cases this caused more negative than positive reactions and it made me wrong decisions and I wasted energies unnecessarily. Because of this I had to fight harder for everything than others did so I had less success. So I started seeing the world even pessimistlier. This is a down going spiral, which made my soul fall deeper and deeper. I had to suffer a lot to change my paradigm, so that down going spiral would turn into an upgoing one. But I don’t wish this for anyone. Unfortunately, most of us have to suffer a lot to make their spiral upgoing. This is one of the main reasons this blog is being made, so that you won’t have to learn these things on your own.

In most cases the root of the problem is in our perspective. But we don’t really want to listen to others when they’re telling us about the wrongs of our ways. And although Life always tries to show us the right way. It’s still a question if we’re ready for a change. If we are, than we’re willing to see and accept that we’re doing something wrong and so, we’re willing to change. But I’d like to place focus back onto the question, why is it so hard to notice that our perspective is wrong? Why can’t we recognize the sings that life is sending us? Why do most of our lives have to go through complete ruin, just finally make us realize that we can’t continue living like this? The answer is in our egos. Sadly, a main characteristic of the ego is trying to keep itself in us. This means that whenever you’re wrong your ego is trying to find a way to explain to you that you aren’t. Just think about how many times you’ve tried to convince people about something that’s obvious for you, but they just kept making up weirder and weirder reasons to defend their viewpoint. When this happens you usually think “I can’t believe it’s so hard for him/her to understand it...” Believe me, this is something that’s really easy to notice on others. But when you get it from others it’s really hard to look into yourself with the same objectiveness.

Your ego was developed to keep you from every bad thing. (Later, I’ll write about how bad is this for your life?!) Your ego is never going to change unless everything’s wrong and it can’t make you believe that it’s able to protect you anymore. That’s why most of us have to suffer really hard before they can see what’s wrong with the way they’re living their lives.

That’s why it’s suggested to take some help from outsiders. An outside help can be a good friend, a therapist, a kinesiologist or basically anyone who is able to see you objectively and can see the mistakes of your perspective. So please do not hesitate to ask for help! The best thing you can do to help your life get better, is asking for the help of others. There’s a Buddhist saying that goes like this “if the student is ready, the master shall arrive...” So, ask yourself this question: is my life in a down- or an upgoing spiral? You’ll know the right way from your answer. Of course a change of perspective requires a lot of other components too (which I will be writing about later). But if you’ve already reached he first step, that already is a huge thing.

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