The first steps in finding happiness: the recognition and some basic elements – part 4: The value of suffering


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Today a heating mechanic visited my home. The moment he stepped in and we looked at each other I felt a good vibe going through me. People with a lot of spiritual peace, radiate it to their environment. The same thing happened in that situation too. His intonation, his appearance and his acts all broadcasted balance and peace. Later I realized that he did not care about the money for his work, but about doing his work as perfectly as he could. This is really rare these days. Our inside intensity is being demolished by the chase for money and the need for speed in our lives. It’s the same for me too. I’m only satisfied with myself, when I can focus on the demanding professional work, and not thinking about the deadlines or the financial situation of my companies. His intensity, the love for his work, and his happiness to help others are all the signs of a higher spiritual level of this man, even if he didn’t know that himself. The professional talk turned into a private one really quickly and it became an interesting discourse with honest respect from both parties. If two people who have already come out of the world of selfishness, meet each other, usually this is what a conversation looks like between them. It turned out, he was through metastatic cancer, near death experiences and a lot of suffering. The love of his wife kept him here on Earth and he feels like he is alive mostly because of her. Before, misery, the bankruptcy of his company and addictions were the things that fulfilled his life. He is grateful for their lives since he has gone through a lot of bad things. I know a lot of people who reached a higher level of peace and happiness after a serious accident, a disease or other disasters. They are the same people as they were before, but their lives have changed because of the things that happened to them. But how can they still be the same? Their perspectives and their attitude is different now and because of it, so is their whole life. If I see the world in a different way, I act in a different way. If I act in different way I’ll get different feedbacks from the world, so my perspective will develop in another direction. What are the traits, these people all share? Inner peace, stress relief, calmness, self-control and intensity. Furthermore they are driven by higher kind of life goals, than money or the chase of delights. They’ve already jumped a level of soul development, which brought them to higher levels of awareness, harmony and happiness in their lives, because they’ve paid the price of misery. They are really lucky! How many people out there realize that they’d lived their lives incorrectly, right before they die, when there are no more chance of making things any better? I’m not jealous of them. Don’t delay any more! It is time to do something for your own happiness! How? We’ll talk a lot about that here. But here’s the thing! You can go through spiritual development without misery, most people just don’t know how to start it.

We’re trying to escape any step that is hard or stressful in a spiritual level, in our whole life. With this method we choose the more comfortable way instead of a chance for spiritual development! Our muscles or our brain are only bettered by hard work just like our soul. If we look at it from the perspective of our happiness and mental health, the easier way is usually not the better. The easier way will only give you happiness for short term. But Life will give you the same spiritual problem again and again if you chose to keep avoiding your problems… Of course this is not a rule, because when our muscles are overloaded they can get injured easier, so the harder way isn’t always the best either. That’s why these decisions are always hard, and you’ll truly need to look into yourself to decide them. Unfortunately these decisions won’t make themselves and no one can make them for you. But you always can ask for help if you think you can’t see the bigger picture…

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